china wholesaler NEMA 14 35mm 2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Stepping Motor with Planetary Gearbox manufacturers

Item Description

Hybrid Stepper Planetary Equipment CZPT

HP351-1 35MM
Stepper CZPT el: 1.8


Motor CZPT ctrical Specification:

Sequence Product Phase CZPT le ( o ) L
Rated Current (A) Phase
Inductance  (mH)
Holding Torque
Detent Torque ( Direct
( g)
HP351-01205 1.eight 28 .46 twenty fourteen twelve .8 four 120
HP351-01804 1.8 34 .forty two twenty five 32 18 1. four a hundred and sixty
Other CZPT CZPT ctrical Specification you should refer to Hybrid Stepper CZPT internet


Ratio 3.71 five.18 14 19 27 51 71 a hundred 139
Reducer Collection 1 2 3
( mm)
31. 38.five 48.2
Allowable Torque
18 30 48
Instantaneous Torque
54 90 144
90% 81% 73%
195 210 290

About Us:

We specialised in exploring, establishing and servicing electric powered motors, gearbox and higher precision gears with the small modules.

Following a long time of development, we have an independent product design and the R&D staff, service group, and specialist top quality handle crew.

What is a lot more, we have two joint ventures. One is situated in HangZhou, which generates hybrid stepper motor, valuable linear stepper motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor, stepper motor driver, brushless motor driver, encoder and brake.

Yet another one particular is situated in HangZhou, which generates DC gear motor. The manufacturing unit has dozens of CNC machines and higher precision examination products, implements the procedure management and computerized operation in most generating method.

We also have two cooperation factories. One particular is creating AC reversible synchronous motor and AC servo motor, the other 1 is making linear permanent stepper motor, long term stepper motors.

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An AC motor is a type of motor that utilizes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC energy drives the motor. It is a recent that periodically reverses course and adjustments its magnitude of the existing more than time. This present is the reverse of a direct current or “DC” which flows in only 1 direction. AC motors can provide a relatively successful way to generate mechanical strength from a straightforward electrical enter sign.
china wholesaler NEMA 14 35mm 2 Phase Hybrid Stepper Stepping Motor with Planetary Gearbox manufacturers