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Three-phase motors are called asynchronous or induction motors. It’s an electromechanical device that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy. Three ACs of the same frequency make a three-phase power source that helps to work this motor.

working principle

What is the Principle Operation of a Three-phase Motor?

Due to the laws of electromagnetic induction created by Michael Faraday, an alternating current flowing within a stator will cause each of its three coils to generate a magnetic field and shift 120°, creating a rotating magnetic field. Consequently, the rotor, housed inside the stator, produces an alternate magnetic field to compensate for the constantly shifting magnetic energies. Therefore, the rotor in a three-phase electric motor is in a constant state of polarity and cannot align with the stator. This produces a build-up of magnetic induction, which generates enough torque needed to rotate the motor shaft.


Components of a Three Phase Electric Motor

The rotor, stator, and enclosure are the significant components that make up a durable three phase motor.

The rotor is a motorized system that generates energy by rotating. It houses metal bars and induction coils, forming a circuit.

Made from wound alloy steel, the stator coils in a three phase motor receive and generate energy produced from the alternating current.
The enclosure of a 3 phase electric motor has mechanisms including a fan, bearing mounts, mechanical fins, and end caps—all of which combine to expel hot air and keep the system operational.
Terminal box
The terminal box is also prominent in three phase motor parts. The stator windings are connected to the terminal box via a delta or star connection. The terminal box provides a three-phase power supply through an external electrical supply.


Three Phase Motor for Sale

The following list is only a partial display of motor products, and more motor products are in succession on the shelves. If you need to buy a motor, please contact us by email. E-mail: [email protected]

MS Series Aluminum Housing Three Phase Induction Motor

MS series three phase motor, which adopts the latest design and high-quality material. And conform to the IEC standard. The motor has a lot of advantages, including high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, slight vibration, light weight, convenient operation, and maintenance.

YBX3 Flameproof Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

The explosion-proof motors are among the best in the market as they meet the various standards for an explosion-proof motor. As such, these motors can work in different harsh conditions without exploding. The explosion-proof motors have a highly developed structure for handling different voltage ranges.

YDT Series Three-Phase Consequent-Poles Asynchronous Motor

YDT series three phase motor is novel in design. Their rotational speed will decrease by degrees of quadratic relation with the increase in a load of fan blowers or pumps, and eir torque properties: the power of the motor is directly proportional to the quadrate of rotational speed.

YE3/YX3 Series Super Efficient Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

Adopting the national uniform design, YE3/YX3 series premium efficiency three-phase asynchronous induction motor conforms with ICE34-1 and GB/T22722-2008 standards. It possesses sophisticated features such as a new structure, good appearance, slight vibration, low noise, etc.

YVF2 Series of Frequency Conversion Aluminum Shell Speed Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor

YVF2 series three-phase frequency-controlled asynchronous motor possesses a wide range of speed regulation. It can match with a variety of converters to comprise an A.C sleepless adjustable frequency driving system. At low speeds (5~50Hz), this motor can run smoothly under constant torque oscillation.

YEJA Series AC Electromagnetic Brake Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

YEJA series AC electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor comprises standard Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor and AZML series three-phase AC electromagnetic brake. The spindle of the back end of the motor is connected with the friction disc of the brake by spline.

Lifting Industry

Pumping Industry

Cutting and lathe Machines

Chemical industry


Frequently Asked Questions about Three-Phase Induction Motors

“The moving parts of 3 phase induction motor that wear out are bearings and slip rings. The 3-phase induction motor has two bearings for the rotation of the shaft. Sometimes, the bearings wear out due to low maintenance, over-loading, and installation errors. Moreover, in slip-ring induction motors, parts of three phase motor that wear out are slip rings. “
What moving parts wear out in 3-phase induction motors?
“Conversion into a 3-phase generator is a typical application of a 3-phase induction motor. A three-phase synchronous motor can be used as a generator if we excite the rotor by an external source. We need to magnetize the stator winding to maintain synchronous speed. That is how the three-phase motor will start working as a generator. “
Can a 3 phase motor be used as a generator?

“Changing the direction of the motor is a widespread practice to enable the different applications of a 3-phase induction motor. To change the direction of a three phase motor, you need to interchange any two phases of the motor. For example, you can connect the Y phase to the R phase. In this way, the direction of magnetic fields will be reversed. “

How to change the direction of a 3 phase induction motor?


Applications of Three Phase Motor

Due to advanced features and specifications, 3-phase motors are widely used in several industries. Some typical applications of three-phase induction motors are as follows;

Cutting and lathe machines: Three phase motors are widely implemented in the cutting, grinding, lathe, and pressing machines for accurate and reliable performance in the woodcutting industry.
Flour Mills: 3 phase electric motors are also used in flour mills for grinding grains.
Lifting Industry: 3-phase electric motors have high load capacity; therefore, these motors are used in conveyors, compressors, elevators, and cranes.
Pumping Industry: 3-phase electric motors are also applied in pumps, blowers, and propulsion machinery.
Home appliances: Home appliances are another significant application of three phase induction motor. Squirrel cage motors are a reliable option for home appliances and domestic uses because of their robust construction, cheap cost, and easy maintenance. These motors are implemented in refrigerators, compressors, and mixers.
Electrical equipment: Another practical use of three-phase induction motors is electrical equipment. These motors allow external resistance with a high PF rating; thus, they are used in generators, turbines, winders, and dynamos.
Chemical industry: 3-phase induction motors are also widely used in high-volume compressors and crushers in petroleum refineries and gas extraction. These motors have high load capacity; therefore, the chemical industry is the primary application of 3-phase induction motors.
Medical equipment: The 3-phase induction motors are also used in the medical industry, such as MRI, and CT scan equipment, due to their exceptional power and analog transmission.

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