china manufacturer manufacturer price Ultra-High Efficient Ye2-180m-2 (22KW/30HP) 2 /4/6 /8/10p 220V-760V CE CCC ISO SGS 3 Phase AC Induction Electric Motor for Pump Fans Centrifugal Machines manufacturers

Item Description

Ultra-higher Efficient Ye2-180M-2 (22KW/30HP) 2 /4/6 /8/10P 220V-760V CE CCC ISO SGS 3 phase AC Induction CZPT ctric CZPT for Pump CZPT Centrifugal CZPT s have larger performance than Y series three-period motor, Y2 collection equipped with high beginning torque and protection grade(IP54),the insulation course (class F) and B amount assessment .

one.Solution Introduction
Extremely-high Successful Ye2-180M-2 (22KW/30HP) 2 /4/6 /8/10P 220V-760V CE CCC ISO SGS 3 phase AC Induction CZPT ctric CZPT for Pump CZPT Centrifugal CZPT s for common purpose motor, appropriate for no special demands of CZPT mechanical equipment.The rated  voltages is 380V, rated frequency for frequency 50Hz, under is Y 3Kw decide approach, 4 Kw previously mentioned for “△”connect method. CZPT al temperature does not exceed 40 ºC, elevation not far more than 1,000 meter, working way constant  (SI).


2.Products Parameter

Type Rated CZPT Rated Current(A) Rated CZPT (r/min) Efficiency(%) Power Issue(CosΦ)
KW HP 380V 400V 415V
Synchronous CZPT 3000r/min(2Poles)
YE2-80M1-2 .75 one one.8 1.7 one.sixty eight 2840 77.four .83
YE2-80M2-two 1.1 1.5 2.six two.5 two.4 2840 79.six .84
YE2-90S2-two 1.five 2 three.46 3.three three.16 2840 eighty one.three .84
YE2-90L-2 two.two 3 four.eighty five 4.sixty one four.forty five 2840 83.two .85
YE2-100L-two three 4 6.34 six.1 five.eighty one 2860 84.six .87
YE2-112M-2 4 5.five eight.two 7.eight seven.fifty one 2880 eighty five.8 .88
YE2-132S1-two 5.five seven.5 ten.five ten.fifteen 2910 87 .88
YE2-132S2-2 7.five 10 fourteen.nine fourteen.1 thirteen.6 2910 88.1 .88
YE2-160M1-two 11 15 21.two twenty.two 19.5 2920 89.4 .89
YE2-160M2-two 15 twenty 28.6 27.2 26.2 2920 90.3 .89
YE2-160L-two eighteen.five 25 34.7 33. 31.8 2920 ninety.9 .ninety
YE2-180M-two 22 thirty 41 39. 37.6 2930 91.3 .ninety
Synchronous CZPT 1500r/min(4Poles)
YE2-80M1-4 .fifty five .75 1.fifty seven 1.49 1.forty four 1390 75.2 .seventy five
YE2-80M2-four .75 1 two.05 one.fifty nine one.88 1390 79.6 .seventy six
YE2-90S-four 1.5 two.eighty five two.71 two.61 1390 eighty one.4 .seventy seven
YE2-90L-4 one.five 2 three.seventy two 3.54 three.41 1390 eighty two.8 .79
YE2-100L1-four 2.two 3 five.09 four.9 4.seventy two 1410 eighty four.3 .81
YE2-100L2-4 three. 4 six.seventy eight six.39 6.sixty one 1410 85.five .82
YE2-112M-four four. 5.five 8.eight 8.36 eight.06 1435 86.6 .eighty two
YE2-132S-four five.five seven.five eleven.2 ten.eight 1440 .eighty three
YE2-132M-four 7.five 10 fifteen.6 14.eight 14.three 1440 .eighty four
YE2-160M-4 eleven fifteen 22.5 21.four 20.six 1460 89.eight .eighty four
YE2-160L-4 fifteen twenty thirty 28.five 27.five 1460 ninety.six .85
YE2-180M-four eighteen.five 25 36.three 34.5 33.three 1470 ninety one.2 .86
YE2-180L-four 22 30 forty three.two forty.8 39.3 1470 91.6 .86
Synchronous CZPT 1000r/min (6Poles)
YE2-80M1-6 .37 .55 one.3 one.23 1.19 885 62 .seven
YE2-80M2-six .fifty five .seventy five 1.eight 1.7 one.sixty four 885 73.five .seventy two
YE2-90S-6 .75 1 two.29 two.eighteen 2.1 910 seventy five.nine .72
YE2-90L-6 one.1 one.5 3.eighteen 3.02 two.91 910 78.1 .73
YE2-100L-6 one.5 2 four 3.eight 3.sixty six 920 79.eight .seventy five
YE2-112M-6 2.2 3 five.6 5.29 five.1 935 eighty one.8 .seventy six
YE2-132S-6 3 four seven.4 7.03 6.seventy eight 960 eighty three.three .77
YE2-132M1-6 four five.five nine.seventy five 9.26 8.ninety three 960 84.6 .77
YE2-132M2-6 five.5 seven.five 12.nine 12.3 eleven.8 960 86 .78
YE2-160M-6 seven.five ten seventeen.2 sixteen.3 fifteen.8 970 87.2 .81
YE2-160L-6 one.1 fifteen 24.five 23.three 22.4 970 .eighty one
YE2-180L-6 fifteen 20 31.6 thirty 28.9 970 .eighty three

three.Merchandise Application
Ultra-substantial Effective Ye2-180M-2 (22KW/30HP) 2 /4/6 /8/10P 220V-760V CE CCC ISO SGS 3 stage AC Induction CZPT ctric CZPT for Pump CZPT Centrifugal CZPT s can be employed in CZPT fields this sort of as device tools, drinking water pumps, blowers and compressors as effectively as transportation, mixture, printing, agricultural equipment and food processors in which there are no inflammable, explosive or corrosive gases.

The mounting dimension and the CZPT degree of Y2 collection motor conform to IEC normal. The safety degree of the frame is of IP54 or IP55 and the cooling approach is of IC411 with ongoing duty(S1). F-class insulation is utilised and the temperature rising is checked in opposition to B-course.

The functioning place of the motor is not much more than 1,000 meters above the sea degree. The ambient temperature varies with seasons but not far more than 40ºC. The least expensive ambient temperature is -15ºC. The optimum monthly typical relevant humidity is 90% in the most moist month and at the very same time, the cheapest monthly typical temperature of this thirty day period is not far more than 25ºC

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Induction motors, also recognized as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction created by the magnetic subject of the stator to make current in the rotor, thus making torque. These motors do not run at a pace in sync with the current, consequently the name. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to change electrical energy into mechanical vitality. Induction motor rotors are the most typical type of AC motor located in pumps, compressors, and other machines of all types.
china manufacturer  manufacturer  price Ultra-High Efficient Ye2-180m-2 (22KW/30HP) 2 /4/6 /8/10p 220V-760V CE CCC ISO SGS 3 Period AC Induction Electric Motor for Pump Fans Centrifugal Machines companies