china manufacturer manufacturer price Manufactre 2.2kw Water Cooled High Speed Three Phase Asynchronous Spindle Motor for Wood Carving CNC Router manufacturers

Solution Description

Specialized parameter:

Spindle type GDZ80-2.2B
Diameter 80mm
Velocity 24000rpm
Electricity two.2KW
Voltage 220V
Existing 8A
Frequency 400HZ
Joint of nose ER20
Lub grease
Amazing water cooling
Bearing type 7005CP4*2+7002CP4*one
Weight 5KG
Torque .91Nm
Collet ER20
Collet nut 3.175mm,4mm,6mm,twelve.7mm
Warrantyperiod bearings=half a year other parts a year

Spindle motor features:
1) Imported bearings with good quality, long working life.
two) Application: Milling,Engraving,Drilling in all kinds of CNC Router machine.
3) There are water cooling spindle  , air cooling spindle and self cooling spindle for your choose.
4) Every spindle motor must be passed polishing process, Improve spindle concentricity to increase motor working life.
1.water cooling:300w,800w,1.2kw,1.5kw,2.2kw,3kw,4kw,3.2kw,4.5kw,5.5kw
two.air cooling: 800w,1.5kw,2.2kw.3.5kw,4.5kw,6kw,7.5kw,12kw
3.cooled by self: 400w
4.ATC spindle: cooled by water: 1.5kw,2.2kw,5.5kw,6kw,7.5kw
cooled by air: 8kw,9kw 
five.sealing side spindle:350w,550w,700w,750w,1.1kw,1.8kw,2.2kw
We also have spindle motor matching inverter(VFD), collet , gripper etc.
If you need other kinds of parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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china manufacturer  manufacturer  price Manufactre 2.2kw Water Cooled High Pace 3 Phase Asynchronous Spindle Motor for Wooden Carving CNC Router producers