china supplier Mc-B34 Series Cast Aluminum Frame Single Phase Electric Motor manufacturers

Merchandise Description

MC Collection Signle Section CZPT ctric CZPT
MC motors are Solid aluminum housing YC collection single phase capacitor start electrical motors.suitable for compressors,pumps and other equipments demanding huge starting up torque. This collection motors are with greater starting torque superb operating overall performance,small Shape,significantly less weight,lower sounds and easy upkeep.
Protection Class:IP4,IP54,IP55
Cooling Type:IC0141
Insulation Class:B,F
Operation Type:S1
Rated Voltage:a hundred and fifteen/230,220V  60Hz,50Hz 
Rated Frequency:60Hz,50Hz 

Model  Power(Kw) Speed(rpm) Volt(V) Frequency(Hz)
MC7112 .18 2800 220 50
MC7122 .25 2800 220 50
MC8012 .37 2800 220 fifty
MC8571 .fifty five 2800 220 fifty
MC90S-two .75 2800 220 50
MC90L-2 1.1 2800 220 fifty
MC90L-2 1.five 2800 220 50
MC100L-two two.two 2800 220 fifty
MC100L1-2 3 2800 220 50
MC100L-2 three.7 2800 220 fifty
MC112M-2 three 2800 220 50
MC7114 .12 1400 220 fifty
MC7124 .eighteen 1400 220 50
MC8014 .twenty five 1400 220 fifty
MC8571 .37 1400 220 fifty
MC90S-4 .55 1400 220 50
MC90L-four .seventy five 1400 220 50
MC90L-four one.1 1400 220 50
MC100L-4 1.5 1400 220 fifty
MC112M-four two.2 1400 220 50
MC132S-4 3 1400 220 fifty
MC132S-4 1400 220 50
MC132M-four five.five 1400 220 fifty


Large High quality Substance

Manufacture CZPT nical and Ability


Single-stage motors have a stator. They do not have the rotating magnetic area characteristics of polyphase or polyphase motors. The magnetic subject developed by the stator windings is pulsating, not rotating. When the rotor is stationary, the growth and contraction of the stator’s magnetic area generate an electrical existing in the rotor. The recent makes the rotor magnetic subject with the opposite polarity to the stator magnetic area. The reverse polarity applies rotational power to the upper and reduced parts of the rotor. Because this drive passes by means of the middle of the rotor, it stays equal in every route, trying to keep the rotor stationary. If the rotor starts off to change, it proceeds to turn in the path it commenced, since the rotor’s momentum creates a rotational drive in that direction. Single-section motors are employed in lower-power purposes this sort of as ceiling followers, mixer grinders, and household appliances these kinds of as moveable electricity resources.
china supplier Mc-B34 Series Cast Aluminum Frame Single Phase Electric Motor manufacturers