china supplier (IE3/IE2) Ye3-100L-2 (3kW/4HP) Three Phase AC Electric Motor CCC CE for Pump Fans Universal Machines OEM ODM Obm High Efficiency Motor IEC Standard manufacturers

Merchandise Description

(IE3/IE2) Ye3-100L-2 (3kW/4HP) Three period AC CZPT ctric CZPT CCC CE for Pump CZPT CZPT CZPT s CZPT ODM OBM CZPT Performance CZPT IEC Normal
The YE3 3-phase CZPT ctric CZPT , with the latest layout in its entirety, is made of chosen good quality components and conforms to the IEC common.


one. Merchandise Introduction
(IE3/IE2) Ye3-100L-2 (3kW/4HP) A few stage AC CZPT ctric CZPT CCC CE for Pump CZPT CZPT CZPT s CZPT ODM OBM CZPT Performance CZPT IEC Regular have very good efficiency, basic safety and reputable operation, nice visual appeal, and can be managed really conveniently, although with low sounds. little vibration,at the same time, light-weight and straightforward design. These motors can be utilised for common drives.

Kind: Asynchronous motor  
Performance:  IE three
Rated frequency:  50Hz
Rated voltage: 220V, 380V, 660V, 220/380V, 380/660V
Output CZPT : .75~450KW  
Responsibility: Continuous (S1)  
Altitude: not exceeding 1000m
Ambient temperature: varies with seasons, but no a lot more than 40 °C
Spot of origin: ZHangZhoug, CZPT (mainland)    

two. Products Parameter

Sort Amps Watts(HP) Velocity(R/Min) Eff.% Tsn/In Isn/In Tmax/Tn
YE3-80M1-2 1.7 2880 .eighty two 2.3 7 2.3
YE3-80M2-2 2.four one.5 2880 82.7 .83 2.2 seven.3 two.three
YE3-90S-2 3.two 2 2895 eighty four.2 .eighty four two.2 seven.6 2.3
YE3-90L-two 4.six 3 2895 eighty five.9 .eighty five two.two 7.six two.three
YE3-100L-2 6 4 2995 87.1 .87 2.2 seven.8 two.3
YE3-112M-two seven.8 5.5 2905 .88 2.two eight.three two.3
YE3-132S1-two 10.6 7.5 2930 89.two .88 2 8.three two.3
YE3-132S2-2 14.4 ten 2930 .88 2 seven.9 2.3
YE3-160M1-two 20.6 fifteen 2945 ninety one.2 .89 2 eight.1 2.3
YE3-160M2-two 27.9 twenty 2945 ninety one.nine .89 2 8.1 two.3
YE3-160L-two 34.2 twenty five 2945 92.4 .89 two eight.two two.three
YE3-180M-two 40.five thirty 2960 ninety .89 two 8.two 2.three
YE3-200L1-2 54.nine forty 2955 ninety three.three .89 2 7.6 two.three
YE3-200L2-two 67.4 fifty 2955 ninety three.7 .89 two 7.six 2.3
YE3-225M-2 80.8 60 2965 ninety four .9 2 7.7 2.three
YE3-250M-2 98.five 75 2970 ninety four.three .nine two two.three
YE3-280S-2 133.7 one hundred 2975 ninety .8 1.eight seven.1 two.three
YE3-280M-2 159.nine 120 2975 95 .9 one.eight seven.1 2.three

three. Item Application 

(IE3/IE2) Ye3-100L-2 (3kW/4HP) A few period AC CZPT ctric CZPT CCC CE for Pump CZPT CZPT CZPT s CZPT ODM OBM CZPT Efficiency CZPT IEC Standard are a fully closed, self-enthusiast cold mouse cage three-section asynchronous motor created with new resources, new tactics and optimized design,have high effectiveness, substantial starting up torque, minimal noise, a lot more realistic framework and cooling problems mature. This collection of motors for standard objective three-period asynchronous motors. It can be utilized to drive a assortment of general mechanical equipment, these kinds of as compressors, supporters, pumps and other mechanical products, but also in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and other fields.

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AC motors vary from many other sorts of motors, specifically some of the much more acquainted DC (direct existing) motors, by several important requirements. The most basic of these is the simple fact that an AC motor depends completely on the alternating current around its circuit to create powerful mechanical energy. We are going to discuss this unique process in a lot more depth in the following sections of this guidebook.
china supplier (IE3/IE2) Ye3-100L-2 (3kW/4HP) A few Period AC Electrical Motor CCC CE for Pump Followers Common Equipment OEM ODM Obm Large Effectiveness Motor IEC Common producers