china supplier 3 Phase 730W AC Servo Motor and Driver 220V or 110V 3000rpm 80mm 3.5nm DC Motor for Wood Carving Machine manufacturers

Product Description

Siheng First 730W AC Servo CZPT And driver 220V 3000rpm 80mm 3.5NM for laser slicing machine

Product Description

Motor Design 80SF-M01130 80SF-M5710 80SF-M57130 80SF-M 0571 1
Rated CZPT (W) four hundred 730 750 a thousand
Rated Cable Voltage(V) 220 220 220 220
Rated Cable Current(A) two. 3 3 four.4
Rated CZPT (rpm) 3000 2000 3000 2500
Rated Torque(N.m) one.27 3.five 2.39 four
Peak Torque(N.m) 3.eight ten.five 12
Line-line Resistance(Ω) four.44 3.65 two.88 1.83
Line-line Inductance(mH) seven.93 8.eight 6.4 four.72
Mechanical time-continual(ms) one.sixty six two.4 2.22 2.58
Fat(Kg) 1.seventy eight three.nine 2.9 four.1
Encoder line amount(PPR) 2500 2500 2500 2500
Length(mm) 124 179 151 191

Motor Dimension


1. How can we know the merchandise top quality?

A1: We advise you to order a sample. Also, you can ship us e mail for element pictures for checking if you can’t get adequate details in the item website page.


two. How can we get your catalog?

A2: Please go to under website hyperlink to download it .-


3. Can we have free sample?

A3: Sorry friend,you must pay out the sample price,but we can implement the price reduction for you.

4. Is this your ultimate value? Might i have the low cost?

A4: Our value is the manufacturing facility value, and if your quantity is larger, we will permit the low cost for you.


5.Is there inexpensive shipping value to import to CZPT nation?A5: Indeed, we have CZPT regular transport organization, they have very very good value.


6. Can we visit your manufacturing facility?

A6: Of course welcome warmly. 


seven.What is the Guarantee for your products?

A7: One 12 months guarantee for all electronic products. If any good quality problems on CZPT aspect occured in this period of time, we will take on the shipping price and substitution.

Induction motors, also acknowledged as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic area of the stator to produce existing in the rotor, therefore making torque. These motors do not run at a speed in sync with the current, therefore the identify. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to transform electrical power into mechanical power. Induction motor rotors are the most common type of AC motor discovered in pumps, compressors, and other devices of all kinds.
china supplier 3 Period 730W AC Servo Motor and Driver 220V or 110V 3000rpm 80mm 3.5nm DC Motor for Wood Carving Equipment makers