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Y sequence motors are completely enclosed and admirer cooled(TFEC).3-stage squirrel cage induction motors. They are newly created in conformity with the related requirements oi IEC requirements. Y series motors have outstanding overall performance, this kind of as substantial performance, energy-saving, substantial beginning torque, lower noise, little vibration, dependable operation and easy maintenance, and many others.
Y collection motors are broadly used in many locations, exactly where do exist flamable, explosive or corrosive, and with any special
demands, this kind of as drilling equipment, pumps, followers, mixer, transportation devices, food equipment agriculture devices and equipments and so on.

Y2 Collection motors are totally enclosed fan cooled(TEFC). squirrel cage three-period induction motors,produced with new method They are renewal and upgrading merchandise of Y collection The mounting dimension is totally conformed with IEC regular .
The motors have the merits of beautiful modeling .compact composition ,low noise,substantial effectiveness,massive staring torque, easy serving, and so forth The motors are adopted with F class insulation and created with examining strategy for insulation
exercise. It enhances drastically motor’s security and trustworthiness.These motors have arrived at an international CZPT d stage Y2 collection motors can be commonly employed in CZPT equipment and equipments. this sort of as drilling devices,blowers
,pumps,compressors,transporters,agricultural and food processing machines.

Y3 sequence a few-section asynchronous motors, created with new tactics. Aluminium human body.
Y3 series motors are defined as entirely enclosed, fan cooled, squirrel cage type and famous for their novel design, stunning
model, compact composition, minimal noise, high performance, huge torque, outstanding commencing efficiency, effortless serving, and so on.
The motors are adopted with F course insulation and designed with evaluating approach for insulation method in accordance to intercontinental practice,
it have tremendously achieved an global CZPT d stage of the exact same kind of goods at the original times of 90s.
Y3 collection motors can be broadly employed as driving equipments of CZPT machineries, these kinds of as machine tools, blowers, pumps,
compressors, transporters, agricultural and food processing.
Pedestal installation measurement and centre height and other indexes of the motor totally measured by Y3 collection 3-period asynchronous motor.

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china shop Ye2/Yx3 Series 0.75-355kw 1~420HP IP55 Substantial Efficiency A few-Section Induction AC Asynchronous Motor producers