china sales Ye2 High Efficiency Three-Phase Induction Motor for Water Pump manufacturers

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YS/Y2 Sequence aluminium housing three-period asynchronous motors are newest style and are created of chosen good quality material and conform to the intercontinental IEC regular. YS motors have a extremely safe and reliable functionality. They are desirable in appearance and can be very easily preserved. They have reduced sound with minor vibration. But at the identical time are light-weight with straightforward development. YS/Y2 motors can be utilized for all types of mechanical and industrial purposes including machine instruments, pumps, air blowers, transmission products, mixers and so on.

Operation Situations:
Ambient temperature: -15C≤ θ ≤ 40C
Altitude: ought to be reduced than 1000meters 
Rated voltage: 380V
Rated frequency: 50Hz
Link: CZPT -relationship for 3KW or much less whilst CZPT -relationship for 4KW or much more.
Responsibility/Ranking: Conntinuous(S1).
Insulation class: F
Safety class:IP54/ IP55.
Cooling strategy: IC0141.

Comprehensive Pictures

Product Parameters


Type Rated Output Rated CZPT Eff Power element Rated Current locked torque optimum torque locked current
 rated torque  rated torque rated current
KW HP (r.p.m) (%) (cosθ) A Tst/Tn Tmax/Tn Ist/In
380V 50Hz synchronous CZPT 3000r/min(2 poles)
YS-5612 .09 one/eight 2680 62 .68 .32 two.3 2.3 six
YS-5622 .12 1/six 2660 67 .71 .38 2.3 2.three six
YS-6312 .eighteen one/four 2710 sixty nine .seventy five .fifty three 2.3 2.three six
YS-6322 .twenty five 1/3 2730 seventy two .seventy eight .68 2.three 2.3 6
YS-7112 .37 1/2 2760 73.five .8 .ninety six two.three two.3 6
YS-7122 .fifty five three/four 2770 seventy five.5 .82 one.35 two.3 2.three six
YS-8012 .75 one 2770 76.5 .eighty five one.75 2.two 2.3 six
YS-8571 one.1 1.5 2800 77 .eighty five two.55 2.two 2.three seven
YS-90S-two one.5 2 2840 seventy eight.five .85 three.42 two.2 two.3 7
YS-90L-2 two.2 three 2840 81 .86 4.eight 2.two two.3 7
YE2-100L-2 three 4 2890 84.6 .87 6.seventeen two.two 2.three 7.eight
YE2-112M-two four 5.five 2910 eighty five.eight .88 8.04 two.2 2.three 8.3
YE2-132S1-two five.5 7.5 2930 87 .86 eleven.two two 2.three 8.three
YE2-132S2-two seven.five 10 2840 88.1 .88 14.six 2 two.three seven.nine
YE2-160M1-two 11 15 2930 89.four .89 21 2 2.3
YE2-160M2-two fifteen twenty 2930 90.three .89 28.4 2 two.three 8.1
YE2-160L-2 eighteen.5 25 2935 ninety.nine .89 34.7 two two.3 eight.two
YE2-180M-two 22 30 2940 ninety one.three .88 forty one.six 2 two.three 8.two
380V 50Hz synchronous CZPT 1500r/min(4 poles)
YS-5624 .09 1/8 1320 fifty eight .sixty one .39 two.4 2.four six
YS-6314 .12 1/six 1350 sixty .63 .forty eight two.4 2.4 six
YS-6324 .18 one/four 1350 64 .66 .sixty five 2.4 2.four six
YS-7114 .twenty five 1/3 1350 67 .sixty eight .eighty three two.4 two.four six
YS-7124 .37 one/2 1350 69.5 .72 one.12 2.four two.4 6
YS-8014 .55 three/four 1380 73.five .seventy three 1.fifty six 2.4 two.4 6
YS-8571 .seventy five one 1390 75.5 .seventy five two.01 two.three two.four 6.five
YS-90S-4 1.5 1400 78 .78 two.seventy five two.3 two.four six.5
YS-90L-four one.5 two 1400 seventy nine .seventy nine three.sixty five two.three 2.4 6.5
YE2-100L1-four 2.two 3 1440 eighty four.three .81 four.9 2.3 2.3 7.6
YE2-100L2-4 3 4 1440 eighty five.five .eighty two 6.5 two.3 two.three seven.6
YE2-112M-four 4 5.five 1440 86.six .eighty two eight.56 2.two two.three seven.eight
YE2-132S-four five.5 7.five 1450 .83 eleven.5 2 2.3 7.9
YE2-132M-4 7.five ten 1450 .84 15.three two two.3 seven.five
YE2-160M-four eleven 15 1460 89.8 .eighty four 22.2 2.two two.three 7.7
YE2-160L-4 fifteen 20 1460 ninety.six .eighty five 29.6 two.2 two.three seven.eight
YE2-180M-four 18.5 twenty five 1470 ninety one.two .86 35.eight 2 2.3 seven.eight
YE2-180L-four 22 thirty 1470 91.6 .86 42.four two two.3 7.8
380V 50Hz synchronous CZPT 1000r/min(6 poles)
YS-7116 .eighteen one/4 910 fifty nine .sixty one .76 2 2 5.5
YS-7126 .twenty five one/three 910 63 .62 .97 2 2 five.five
YS-8016 .37 one/two 910 68 .62 1.33 two 2 five.5
YS-8026 .55 three/4 910 71 .64 1.eighty four 2 2 five.five
YS-90S-six .seventy five 1 920 seventy three .sixty eight two.3 two five.5
YS-90L-6 1.1 1.five 920 seventy four .7 three.23 2 six
YE2-100L-six one.five two 940 seventy nine.8 .seventy five 3.8 two six.5
YE2-112M-6 2.two 3 960 eighty one.8 .76 five.38 2 two.1 6.six
YE2-132S-6 three four 960 eighty three.three .76 seven.two two two.1 six.eight
YE2-132M1-6 four five.five 960 eighty four.six .seventy six nine.45 2 six.eight
YE2-132M2-6 five.5 seven.five 960 86 .77 12.6 2 two.1 7
YE2-160M-six 7.five ten 970 87.two .seventy eight 16.eight 2 2.1 seven
YE2-160L-6 eleven 15 970 .78 24.two 2 2.1 seven.2
YE2-180L-six fifteen 20 970 .eighty one 31.4 2 two.1 seven.three
380V 50Hz synchronous CZPT 750r/min(8 poles)
YS-7118 .09 one/8 600 forty .fifty seven .six one.eight one.9 2.8
YS-7128 .twelve one/6 600 forty five .fifty seven .seventy one one.8 1.9 2.8
YS-8018 .18 1/4 645 fifty one .sixty one .88 one.eight two 3.3
YS-8571 .twenty five 1/three 645 fifty four .sixty one one.15 1.eight 2 3.three
YS-90S-8 .37 1/2 670 sixty two .61 one.49 one.eight two 4
YS-90L-eight .55 3/four 670 63 .61 two.seventeen one.eight two.1 4

Company Profile

About us:
We are a professional reducer producer found in HangZhou, ZHangZhoug province.

Our leading products is  full variety of RV571-150 worm reducers , also provided hypoid CZPT cal gearbox, Personal computer models, UDL Variators and AC CZPT s.
Merchandise are extensively utilized for applications this kind of as: foodstuffs, ceramics, packing, chemical substances, pharmacy, plastics, paper-producing, design equipment, metallurgic mine, environmental security CZPT , and all types of computerized lines, and assembly traces.
With CZPT shipping and delivery, outstanding right after-income provider, CZPT d making facility, CZPT products sell well  both at residence and overseas. We have exported CZPT reducers to CZPT Asia, CZPT ern CZPT pe and the Center CZPT and so on.Our intention is to develop and innovate on the basis of higher top quality, and generate a good reputation for reducers.

We take part Germany Hannver Exhibition-ZheJiang PTC Honest-Turkey Acquire Eurasia


Packing data:Plastic Luggage+Cartons+Wood Circumstances , or on request

After Revenue Service

1.Upkeep Time and Guarantee:Inside of one 12 months right after receiving products.
two.Other SupportWhich includes modeling selection information, set up guide, and difficulty resolution manual, etc.


1.Q:Can you make as for every CZPT er drawing?

   A: Indeed, we offer you CZPT ized service for CZPT ers appropriately. We can use CZPT er’s nameplate for gearboxes.
2.Q:What is your terms of payment ?
   A: thirty% deposit prior to production,balance T/T before supply.
3.Q:Are you a trading business or manufacturer?
   A:We are a manufacurer with CZPT d tools and experienced staff.
4.Q:What is your MOQ?
   A: 1 pcs
five.Q:Free of charge sample is CZPT or not?
   A:Yes, we can offer free sample if CZPT er concur to spend for the courier value
six.Q:Do you have any certification?
   A:Of course, we have CE certification and SGS certificate report.
Speak to info:
Ms Lingel Pan
For any concerns just come to feel free of charge ton make contact with me. A lot of many thanks for your variety consideration to CZPT business!

AC motors differ from several other sorts of motors, especially some of the much more familiar DC (immediate recent) motors, by several important requirements. The most basic of these is the fact that an AC motor relies fully on the alternating present all around its circuit to create powerful mechanical power. We will examine this distinctive process in more depth in the subsequent sections of this manual.
china sales Ye2 High Efficiency Three-Phase Induction Motor for Water Pump manufacturers