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Product Description

Product Description:YCT355-4A 55KW 380V 3-period Asynchronous AC CZPT
        AC CZPT is a gadget that transforms the electrical strength of alternating existing into mechanical energy. The AC CZPT is mostly composed of an electromagnet winding or stator winding for producing magnetic field and a rotating armature or rotor. The motor is created by the phenomenon that the electrical coil is pressured to rotate in the magnetic discipline. AC motors are divided into two types: synchronous alternating current motor and induction motor.
      The stator windings of 3-stage AC motors are basically 3 coils divided by one hundred twenty levels, which are connected by triangle or star. When a few-stage current is used, a magnetic field is produced in each and every coil, and the a few magnetic fields are mixed to form a rotating magnetic field.
     High voltage ac motors are designed with the application of modern day technologies resulting in compact machines that includes exceptional dynamic properties, conference the most significant software in regions that incorporate automation and procedure management. 
      Apart from supplying reliability and higher efficiency, which will ensure CZPT operating durations without demanding any routine maintenance, the New high voltage ac motors present outstanding working attributes, which consist of:

     •Wide pace variation variety
     •Dimensions as for each GB and IEC CZPT
     •High efficiency
     •Low noise amount
     •High instant of inertia
     •High potential to dynamic loads
     •Rugged design
    •High vibration resistance
    •Excellent commutation top quality

Item Parameters:

Item Title YCT355-4A 55KW 380V 3-period Asynchronous AC CZPT
Motor Sort DC CZPT ,AC CZPT ,Stepper CZPT ,Asynchronous CZPT ,Synchronous CZPT
(Electric powered equipment)
Rotational CZPT

Reduced CZPT /Continual CZPT /Substantial CZPT /Variable CZPT

Stator Period Quantity

A few-Period/One-Stage

Common Attributes  •NEMA CZPT ium Effectiveness Level in accordance to NEMA Y
•Three-period, fifty, sixty Hz
•Voltage: 3000 to 11000 V 
•Rated output: up to 12500 kw
•Number of poles: 2 ,4,6,8,ten or 12poles
•Frame sizes: 450 mm to 630mm
•Cast aluminium squirrel cage for rotor 
•Degree of defense: IP23 to IP54(Totally enclosed)
•Class insulation F with course (120ºC) temperature rise
•Grease nipples for body 450 to 630MM
•Continuous Obligation (S1)
•With thermal safety PTC140 ºC or PT100
•Larger diameter shafts for the greatest overhung load scores in the sector
•Oversized roller bearings for highest load ability
•Other optional attributes beneath request
AC CZPT AC CZPT s can run in high temperature, flammable and other environments, and do not require to thoroughly clean the dirt of carbon brushes regularly, but it is difficult to control the velocity, simply because it is necessary to manage the frequency of AC motors (or use induction motors, enhance inside resistance, reduce the motor pace at the exact same AC frequency. CZPT , manage the voltage will only influence the torque of the motor. The voltage of the general civil motor has two varieties, this sort of as 110V and 220V, and there are 380V or 440V in industrial software.
Application AC CZPT s have larger functioning performance, no smoke, odor, no air pollution to the atmosphere, and considerably less sound. Due to the fact of its series of positive aspects, it is widely utilised in industrial and agricultural creation, transportation, countrywide protection, industrial and family appliances, health-related appliances and other fields.
For Instance:
•Rubber mixer
•Fans and Pumps
•Air brower
•Coal mill and rolling mill
•Conveyor belts
•Centrifugal devices

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An AC motor is a type of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC electricity drives the motor. It is a existing that periodically reverses path and modifications its magnitude of the current above time. This recent is the opposite of a immediate current or “DC” which flows in only a single route. AC motors can supply a comparatively productive way to create mechanical power from a basic electrical input sign.
china near me shop Yct355-4A 55kw 380V Three-Phase Asynchronous AC Motor manufacturers