china Cost Ye2 (YX3) Series High Efficiency Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor manufacturers

Product Description

YKK collection 6KV (seat variety 355-800), YKK collection 10KV (seat amount 450-800) large-voltage 3-phase induction motor insulation grade F, rated frequency 50Hz, S1 constant working method, protection quality IP44 or IP54, cooling mode IC611, leading with air-to-air cooler, set up kind IMB3 (horizontal with foot), seat variety 630 and with bottom foot. The higher 2-pole motor and YVPKK variable frequency motor cooler with enthusiast are cooled by IC646.
   YKK series squirrel cage substantial-voltage a few-period asynchronous motor (body dimensions 355-a thousand) is a motor merchandise developed on the foundation of many years of production squirrel-cage motor technology, merged with CZPT -time period secure production of substantial-voltage a few-phase asynchronous motor layout and producing expertise.
YKK high-stress squirrel cage motor adopts new technology, new supplies, new technology, exquisite material variety, superb manufacturing, beautiful appearance, higher effectiveness, vitality conserving, lower noise, modest vibration, light-weight fat, dependable functionality, hassle-free set up and routine maintenance.

YKK large-voltage asynchronous motors comply with IEC international requirements, and the mechanical dimensions and tolerances of CZPT factors comply with the corresponding Chinese and worldwide specifications. The safety stage of this sequence of motors is IP54, IP55, and so on. The cooling techniques are IC611, IC616, and so forth. The installation technique is IMB3, and the corresponding security type, cooling method and installation method can also be made in accordance to person needs. This collection of motors can also be created into damp tropical, dry tropical, outdoor and out of doors anti-corrosive and outdoor moist tropical.

   YKK collection squirrel cage high voltage motors can be utilized to push CZPT basic equipment, this sort of as compressors, pumps, crushers, chopping device instruments, transportation equipment and other mechanical tools, in mining, machinery industry, petrochemical industry, CZPT vegetation and other industrial and mining enterprises. Utilised as the prime mover.

 YKK squirrel cage motor adopts the worldwide well-liked box construction. The body and end protect are welded with steel plate. The fat is mild and the rigidity is excellent. The prime cover or cooler can be removed to notice or get in touch with the inside of the motor, which is handy for installation and maintenance. The junction box is a sealed structure, typically mounted on the proper aspect of the motor (as considered from the shaft extension conclude). It can also be mounted on the remaining facet according to the user’s requirements. The inlet hole of the box faces downward, and there are different grounding terminals within and exterior the box.

YKK squirrel cage high-voltage motor stator adopts 3 external force framework: hoisting, sliding in and pressing. The stator winding adopts F-course insulating content, adopts VPI vacuum pressure dipping engineering, adopts magnetic slot wedge, and has reliable repairing and binding at the finish. Measures, outstanding insulation functionality, high mechanical energy, robust moisture resistance, creating the motor run safely and reliably.
The rotor of the motor adopts the squirrel cage construction, which is balanced by higher-precision verification. The motor operates efficiently and the vibration is tiny. The motor is presented with a cylindrical shaft extension. It can also be created into a double shaft extension according to the user’s needs. According to the motor CZPT and pace, the bearing adopts two varieties of rolling bearing and sliding bearing. The rolling bearing is offered with CZPT -stop injection and oil discharge gadget. Below the condition of steady managing of the motor, grease can be included regularly to maintain and keep the motor. The sliding bearing is an stop cap sort spherical simple bearing, which adopts strain oil lubrication or oil ring self-lubricating compound lubrication technique, and actions for protecting against shaft existing generation are adopted at the very same time. The motor provides a temperature measuring unit to the bearings and windings to keep track of the temperature increase in the course of motor procedure.

ZheJiang Welwoo CZPT Co., Ltd. was launched in April 2006.It has 216 staffs.The main manufacturing are reduced substantial voltage motors, new strength electric vehicle making use of motors and controlled systems,and metal equipment reduction motors.Its a firm of study,manufacture,income,provider,international trade.

Q: Do you offer CZPT support?
A: Of course.
Q: What is your payment expression?
A: 30% T/T in CZPT , 70% prior to supply. Or irrevocable L/C.
Q: What is your direct time?
A: About thirty times after acquiring deposit or unique L/C.
Q:How CZPT is your products warranty?
A:12months good quality assure.If the motor is damaged or can not perform normaily owing to the  manufacture flaws,our firm will fix and substitute the spare parts or comprehensive motors by free of demand.


Induction motors, also recognized as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction created by the magnetic subject of the stator to produce present in the rotor, thereby creating torque. These motors do not run at a speed in sync with the existing, hence the identify. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to transform electrical strength into mechanical strength. Induction motor rotors are the most common sort of AC motor located in pumps, compressors, and other machines of all sorts.
china Cost Ye2 (YX3) Series High Efficiency Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor manufacturers