china Cheap Yc Yl Yy My Ml Series 1/4-10HP Power Capacitor Start Single Phase AC Induction Electric Motor for Agriculture and Household manufacturers

Item Description

Product Description


     Single Phase Motor is a fully enclosed single- phase asynchronous motor with the latest design.With features like simple structure,reliable performance,easy maintenance and achievement of technical-economic targets,the products have been widely used in the air compressor,pump,refrigerator,washing machine,medical equipment,wood-working machinery,all kinds of agricultural machinery and so on.YC motor series have Protection Class of E or B,Cooling Method of IC411.
 Motor Features:

one. Frame size: H56-132

two. Power: 0.06-7.5KW

3. Voltage: 110V  220V  230V  240V

four. Rated Frequency: 50 Hz  60Hz 

five. Poles: 2/4/6 

six. Speed: 3000/1500/1000 r/min

seven. Ambient Temperature: -15°C≤0≤40°C 

10. Duty: continuous (S1)

eleven. Insulation Class:  B , F

12. Protection Class: IP44, IP54

thirteen. Frame material: Cast iron body , aluminum body

fourteen. Cooling Method: IC411 Standards

fifteen. Altitude: No more than 1,000 meters above sea level

sixteen. Packing: 56-132 frame be packaged by carton&pallets      

seventeen. Certifications: CE, CCC, ISO9001: 2008

Factory Advantages


1 . 15 years history


2. Competitive Price


three. Guaranteed Quality 


four. Fast delivery time, Normal models about 15-20days , another not normal models need about 30days


five. 100% testing after each process and final testing before packing ,all raw material is good quality .a hundred% cooper wire, Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet,good quaility shafts ,bearings,stators ,admirer,fan covers.and so on.


6. High efficiency


seven. Low noise 


eight. Long life


9. Power saving


10. Slight vibration

11. It is newly designed in conformity with the relevant rules of IEC standards, Strictly and Perfect Management is guaranteed for Production 


twelve. Professional Service


thirteen. Warranty: 12 months from date of delivery


14. Main Market: South America, Middle East, Southest Asia, Europe,Africa and so on  


15. We have Certification for CE, CCC, ISO9001,High quality and competitive price !


Merchandise Parameters



Basic Data For Single Phase CZPT
No. Brand Name: Kinroter
one Model Number: (YC YL YY MY ML)
2 Kind: Induction Motor
three Composition: Asynchronous Motor
four Place of Origin: Fuan town ,HangZhou , ZheJiang   CZPT  (mainland)
5 Insulation Class: Class B  F  
6 Frequency: 50Hz  60Hz
7 Output Power: .06KW-7.5KW
eight Stage: Single Phase
nine Pole: 2P, 4P, 6P
ten Wire: 100% copper
eleven Protection Class: IP44/IP54
twelve Cooling Method: IC411
thirteen Duty: S1 (steady)
fourteen Certification: ISO, CE, CCC
15 Protect Feature: Totally Enclosed
sixteen AC Voltage: 110V 220V 230V 240V
17 Ambient temperature: -15°C≤0≤40°C
eighteen Altitude: Not exceed 1000m
19 Mounting Type: B3, B5, B35, B14,B34
20 Normal: Confirm to IEC international standard
21 Set up: we will send detailed instructions together with the Motors
22 Packaging Details: Packed with export requirement protect the motors and convenient for transport.
23 Delivery Details: twenty five-30 Days


Specialized Knowledge

Model Rated Output Speed(r.p.m) Existing(A) Eff.(%) Powerfactor(cos) lst/ln Tst/Tn Tmax/Tn
kW  HP
YC711-2 .18  1/4 2800 1.9 sixty three. .seven six.5 3. 1.eight
YC712-two .25  1/three 2800 2.four 65. .seventy two 6.five three. 1.8
YC80A-two .37  1/two 2840 3.5 66. .74 six.5 3. 1.8
YC80B-two .fifty five  3/four 2850 five.04 sixty seven. .seventy four 6.5 three. one.eight
YC80C-two .75 1 2850 6.sixty eight sixty eight. .75 six.5 three. 1.eight
YC90S-two 1.10 15 2850 eight.ninety three 70. .eight 7. 2.5 1.8
YC90L-two one.50 two 2870 eleven.four seventy three. .82 7. two.five one.8
YC100L-two two.twenty three 2900 16,50 74. .82 seven. 2.five one.8
YC112M1-2 three.00 4 2900 21.4 seventy six. .eighty four seven. 2.two 1.8
YC112M2-two three.70 5 2900 24.eight seventy nine. .86 7. two.two one.8
YC711-four .12  1/six 1450 one.nine 48. .fifty eight six. three. one.8
YC712-four .eighteen  1/four 1450 270 50. .6 6. three. 1.8
YC80A-four .25  1/3 1450 3.fifty two fifty two. .62 six. 3. one.8
YC80B4 .37  1/2 1450 4.69 56. .64 six. 3. 1.eight
YC80C-four .fifty five  3/4 1450 6 sixty. .sixty five six. three. one.8
YC90S4 .seventy five one 1450 seven,50 sixty three. .72 6.five two.5 one.eight
YC90L-4 1.1 one.five 1450 ten.four sixty seven. .72 six.five 2.5 1.8
YC100L-four one.5 two 1450 thirteen 72. .73 6.five two.five one.8
YC112M-four two.2 3 1450 eighteen.5 73. .74 six.5 2.five 1.8
YCL132SA-4 3 four 1450 22.4 76. .eight six.5 two.2 one.eight
YCL132SB4 3.7 5 1450 26 seventy nine. .82 6.5 two.2 1.eight
YCL132M1-4 five.five 7.five 1450 32.five eighty five .nine 6.five 2 one.eight
YCL132M2-4 7.five 10 1450 forty eighty five .nine 6.five two 1.eight


Detailed Pictures




Our CZPT CZPT s, Diesel generator sets , Alternators are talior manufactured to suit the CZPT CZPT er’s software.  Our   based CZPT Style group work with you to ensure the motor fulfills your specific needs.

All CZPT s, Diesel generator sets  , Alternators may possibly be made for optional voltages and frequencies.

An AC motor is a type of motor that utilizes the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC electricity drives the motor. It is a recent that periodically reverses route and changes its magnitude of the recent above time. This recent is the opposite of a direct recent or “DC” which flows in only a single direction. AC motors can provide a relatively productive way to make mechanical power from a easy electrical enter signal.
china Cheap Yc Yl Yy My Ml Series 1/4-10HP Energy Capacitor Commence One Phase AC Induction Electrical Motor for Agriculture and Family producers