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Product Description


-M2BAX – Minimal voltage general overall performance motors are ABB higher performance items. This collection of motors are designed for the two the Chinese market place and export. Merchandise development is on ABB sturdy R&D system. The layout is in line with intercontinental IEC standards and CZPT neighborhood GB standards. The efficiency degree reaches IE3 and IE2, equal to Quality 2 and Quality 3 (GB186~13 0571 88828 13858117778-2012).

-M2BAX is specifically developed for CZPT CZPT ers, mainly built-in with fans, pumps and CZPT es. Main programs incorporate H2o & Squander drinking water treatment method, CZPT , Meals & Beverage, Textile, CZPT , Pulp & Paper, CZPT and others industries. The high top quality of M2BAX and the outstanding service of ABB constantly make value for the CZPT ers. Common motors are on stock, which can shorten lead time and guarantee a CZPT supply. CZPT er item flexibilities direct to satisfy the ever-changing require from CZPT CZPT ers.


——Electrical design and style——

-Rated Output
 M2BAX motors rated outputs implies that the motor operates beneath ongoing duty S1 (IEC 60034-1) operation at ambient  temperature from -20ºC ~ 40ºC and at altitudes of up to 1000 m previously mentioned sea amount.

-Voltage and Frequency
 The effect on temperature rise brought on by voltage and frequency fluctuation is defined in IEC 60034-1. The regular divides the combinations into two zones, zone A and B. Zone A is the mixture of voltage deviation ±5% and frequency deviation ±2%. Zone B is the blend of voltage deviation ±10% and frequency deviation +3%/-5%.

-The motors are able of providing the rated torque in equally zone A and B, but the temperature rise will be increased than at rated voltage and frequency. The motors are to be in procedure only for a limited period of time of time in zone B.

 ABB utilizes course F insulation, which with temperature rise B, is themost typical necessity amid sector these days. The use of course F insulation with class B temperature increase presents ABB items a 25˚C safety margin. This can be utilised to boost the loading for minimal periods, to run at larger ambient temperatures or altitudes, or with better voltage and frequency tolerances. It can also be employed to extend insulation daily life. For occasion, a 10 K temperature reduction will lengthen the insulation life.

-Thermal class a hundred thirty (B)
a.Nominal ambient temperature 40˚C
b.Max permissible temperature increase 80K
c.Sizzling place temperature margin 10K

-Thermal course 155 (F)
a.Nominal ambient temperature 40˚C
b.Max permissible temperature rise 105K
c.Hot place temperature margin 10K

-Thermal course one hundred eighty (H)
a.Nominal ambient temperature 40˚C
b.Max permissible temperature increase 125K
c.Scorching place temperature margin 10K

In accordance with IEC 60034-1, tolerance is the highest permitted deviation amongst the take a look at result and the declared value on the ranking plate (or in the catalog). Test results are based on examination procedures in accordance with IEC 60034-2-1, IEC 60034-9, and IEC 60034-12.

-Overload occasions
 In accordance to IEC 60034, M2BAX motors are designed to withstand overload potential of 1.5 times rated present for 2 minutes at rated voltage and frequency.

-Ambient temperatures and higher altitudes
 Normal motors are made for operation at a maximum ambient temperature of 40ºC and at a highest altitude of 1000 meters above sea amount. If a motor is operated at larger ambient temperatures or altitude, it ought to be derated. Thorough information, please get in touch with your ABB product sales business office.


——Exceptional attributes——

-Particular made for maritime equipments and atmosphere, the M2BAX maritime motors with large overall performance and high reliability are extensively utilized by major marine products manufactures

-IE2 large performance motors, complying with CZPT Quality 3 vitality performance normal

-Large toughness components are employed in components these kinds of as body and shaft

-Electrical power source and frequency can fulfill the requirements of the two 380V/50Hz and 440V/60Hz


——Complex Knowledge Desk ——

Design Number M2BAX200MLB Torque/Nm 119
Standard CZPT /KW 37 The Instant Of Inertia .one hundred sixty
Pace/ r/min 2951 Seem Presure Degree/dB seventy eight
Power issue/cosφ .89 Excess weight/kg 212
Existing/A sixty three.nine 400V/M2BAX

——Dimension drawings(Frame size seventy one-132)——

——About us——

ZheJiang Nicli CZPT ctronic CZPT nology Co.,Ltd was started in 2006. It is an automation system integrator found in the application parkof HangZhou CZPT tech CZPT Park and passed the ISO9001 good quality management method. Soon after twelve several years of challenging perform, the company has turn out to be a wellknown automation firm that gives workers with a great functioning surroundings and incentive system and permits staff to expand up with the business.

ZheJiang Nicli CZPT ctronic CZPT nology Co.,Ltd has fashioned an business growth product focusing on automation engineering companies and industrial handle item product sales. At present, its main organization scope addresses machinery, petrochemical, metallurgy, papermaking, nuclear CZPT , municipal CZPT and other industries.

The business have recognized CZPT phrase strategic partnerships with wellknown companies these kinds of as ABB, YASKAWA, FLOWSERVE and IWAKI.

Up to now, the business has offices in HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou and other places. Product sales groups are with prosperous work experience, good good quality, and a large sense of company honor. We firmly feel that CZPT products and complex toughness can give CZPT CZPT ers with skilled provider needs.

Our eyesight: CZPT on corporate integrity and dedicated provider, to turn out to be an superb, honorable organization and offer CZPT ers with top quality products and companies.

——Low voltage marine motors in short(excerpts)——


An AC motor is a variety of motor that makes use of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. AC electrical power drives the motor. It is a present that periodically reverses direction and changes its magnitude of the existing over time. This recent is the reverse of a direct present or “DC” which flows in only one particular route. AC motors can offer a relatively productive way to make mechanical strength from a basic electrical input signal.
china best M2bax200MLB 37kw Ie3 Nuclear Power Plant 3 Stage Electric powered Motor 2p 400V companies