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three Section Ac Servo CZPT 220V 130Mm 1Kw 10Nm 1000Rpm Cnc Servo CZPT

AC Servo CZPT CZPT r Knowledge Sheet

Servo motor parameters table
class design parameter Driver configuration model
40series(220V) XK-40AEA57130 .32NM 100W 3000rpm XKM-30A
60series(220V) XK-60AEA57130 .637NM 200W 3000rpm XKM-30A
60series(220V) XK-60AEA04030 1.27NM 400W 3000rpm XKM-30A
60series(220V) XK-60AEA06030 1.91NM 600W 3000rpm XKM-30A
80series(220V) XK-80AEA04030 one.27NM 400W 3000rpm XKM-30A
80series(220V) XK-80AEA5710 2.39NM 750W 3000rpm XKM-30A
80series(220V) XK-80AEA5710 three.5NM 730W 2000rpm XKM-30A
80series(220V) XK-80AEA10571 4NM 1.0KW 2500rpm XKM-30A
90series(220V) XK-90AEA5710 2.39NM 750W 3000rpm XKM-30A
90series(220V) XK-90AEA5710 three.5NM 730W 2000rpm XKM-30A
90series(220V) XK-90AEA10571 4NM 1.0KW 2500rpm XKM-30A
110series(220V) XK-110AEA06030 2NM 600W 3000rpm XKM-30A
110series(220V) XK-110AEA12030 4NM 1.2KW 3000rpm XKM-30A
110series(220V) XK-110AEA15030 5NM 1.5KW 3000rpm XKM-30A
110series(220V) XK-110AEA12571 6NM 1.2KW 2000rpm XKM-30A
110series(220V) XK-110AEA18030 6nm.1.8KW,3000rpm XKM-30A

Far more Servo CZPT s for your reference

 We provide 400W .4KW 700W .7KW 1200W 1.2KW 1500W 1.5KW 2600W 2.6KW 2300W 2.3KW 4000W 4KW Servo CZPT

l No. Voltage Power(w) Rated Torque Rated CZPT Encoder Wire Motor Size Shaft DIA(mm) adapter CZPT r
60AEA57130-SC3 220 two hundred .64 3000 2500 116 14 DM-04EA
60AEA04030-SC3 220 400 1.27 3000 2500 141 fourteen DM-08EB
60AEA06030-SC3 220 600 1.ninety one 3000 2500 169 14 DM-08EB

Model No. Voltage Energy(w) Rated Torque Rated CZPT Encoder Wire Motor Length Shaft DIA(mm) adapter CZPT r
80AEA04030 220 400w one.27NM 3000 2500PPR 123mm 19 DM-055B
80AEA5710 220 760W three.5NM 2000 2500PPR 179mm 19 DM-08EB
80AEA5710 220 750W two.4NM 3000 2500PPR 151mm 19 DM-08EB
80AEA10571 220 1000W 4NM 2500 2500PPR 191mm 19 DM-12EA


Model no. Rated Voltage(V) Output CZPT (w) Rated Torque(N.m) Rated CZPT (RPM) Encoder Motor Duration(mm) Shaft DIA(mm) Matched CZPT r
XK110AEA12571-SH3 220 1200 6 2000 2500 219 19 DM-12EA
XK110AEA12030-SH3 220 1200 four 3000 2500 189 19 DM-26EA
110AEA15030-SH3 220 1500 five 3000 2500 204 19 DM-26EA
110AEA18030-SH3 220 1800 6 3000 2500 219 19 DM-26EA


Model No. Voltage Energy(w) Rated Torque Rated CZPT Encoder Wire Motor Length Shaft DIA(mm) adapter CZPT r
90ST-M57130 220 750W two.39NM 3000 2500PPR 150mm 19mm DM-08EB
90ST-M5710 220 730W three.5NM 2000 2500PPR 151mm 19mm DM-08EB
90ST-M 0571 one 220 1000W 4NM 2500 2500PPR 191mm 19mm DM-12EA

Driver profile

Low temperature setting: ~ forty ºC Functioning surroundings temperature: below eighty% (no condensation).
Low temperature storage atmosphere: – forty ~ 50 ºC Storage environment humidity: below eighty% (no condensation).
Vibration: .5g underneath.
Areas with very good air flow, minimal humidity and dust.
Corrosive, pyrogenic gas, oil and gasoline, cutting fluid, iron powder and other environments.
Areas cost-free of dampness and direct sunlight.
Installation technique
Horizontal installation: to avert drinking water, oil and other liquids from flowing into the motor from the outgoing stop, please location the cable outlet below.
Vertical mounting: if the motor shaft is mounted upward and hooked up to the reducer, pay out focus to and prevent oil stains inside of the reducer from infiltrating via the motor shaft
Motor interior.
The protrusion of motor shaft ought to be ample, if it is not sufficient, it will easily vibrate when the motor moves.

When installing and disassembling motor, do not knock motor with hammer. CZPT wise, it may possibly cause damage to motor shaft and encoder.

Installation environment problems
1.Operating setting: ~ and ºCworking setting: less than 80% (no condensation)
2.Storage setting temperature:- ºC Storage atmosphere humidity: 80% of the (no condensation)
three.Vibration: Underneath .5 G
four.Effectively ventilated, considerably less humidity and dust place
5.No corrosive, flash gas, oil and gasoline, cuttingfluid, iron powder and so on surroundings
6.No dampness and immediate daylight spot
Set up technique
one.Degree set up:to avoid liquids these kinds of as water, oil from motor wire stop into the motor inner, you should will cable outlet inbelow
two.Vertical installation: if the motor shaft and the installation with reduction device, need to spend interest to and stop reducer in mark through the motor shaft into the motor interior
three.The motor shaft out quantitymust be completely, if insufficient out to motor sports activities generates vibration
4.Installation and get rid of the motor, please do not use hammer knock motor, or else effortless to trigger damage to themotor shaft and encoder
The motor direction of rotation
Hunting from the motor load on the motor shaft and counterclockwise (CCW) for the ahead, clockwise (the CW) as the reverse

Frequently asked queries:
1. The servo motor driver is sinusoidal driving
2. Al-29 alarm: the brake resistance is not sound, make sure you check the relationship once more
3. By default, the servo motor is 220V with a large voltage. If it demands to be replaced with 380V, it demands to incorporate 550 yuan. The servo motor earlier mentioned one hundred ten can be manufactured of 380V high voltage.

4. The servo defaults to a thousand pulses for every circuit /4 occasions the frequency
five. The servo driver can be adjusted by conducting at thirteen and twenty five angles

six. Add 300 yuan to the complete price of the servo motor and five hundred yuan to the high voltage (only 11/a hundred thirty servo can alter the high voltage)

seven. Complete price servo 131,072 pulses for each circuit

8. The servo motor CZPT line specification is 2., and the servo motor encoder line specification is 1.

9. The braking torque of the servo motor is about 3 moments of the rated torque

10. For inside manage of servo motor, change PN003 to

11. Brake resistance action of servo motor: it can ensure the servo motor’s crisis cease, constructive and negative flip and other features are effective, and it can absorb warmth and avert overcurrent and other problems. Cost 20 yuan

twelve. The computer software supporting the upper laptop of the servo driver can only comprehend genuine-time management and are not able to help save the program. Utilizing the exterior 485 serial port needs the CZPT er to offer the computer software, we do not supply.

thirteen. The sort of servo motor driving insert is the matching gran head

The input CZPT Solitary section or three period AC220V -15~+ten% fifty/60Hz
environment temperature Using: ~55ºC Storage: -20ºC~80ºC
humidity Below 90% RH No dewing
vibration Belown0.5G(4.9m/S2),ten-60 no carry on working


Control manner 1 Torque mode (internal or external)
two pace manner (inner or exterior)
3 Placement mode (inside orexternal)
4 Situation/velocity model
five Placement/torque model
six CZPT /torque model
Management enter servo enables,alarm reset,
Ahead driving is prohibited,
Reverse driving is prohibited ,
External forward torque is minimal ,
exterior reverse torque is restricted,
Crisis cease,
Zero velocity clamp ,
1 Inner pace command selection 1,
two Inner velocity command alternative 2
three Inside speed command choice 3,
1 The internal torque command option one
2 The interior torque command choice 2
Control method swap,
Achieve switch,
one CZPT ctronic equipment molecular alternative 1,
2 CZPT ctronic equipment molecular alternative 2,Guidelines for,
Situation deviation to clear,
Pulse input is prohibited,
Proportional manage,
The origin return to bring about,
The origin return reference level.
one Interior area alternative 1,
2 Inside location choice 2,
Cause interior position command,
Suspend interior place command
Management the output Alarm detection,
Servo completely ready,
Unexpected emergency stop checked out,
Positioning to comprehensive,
Speed to attain,
Get to the predetermined torque,
Zero speed detection,
Servo motor present,
Electromagnetic brake,
The origin return to comprehensive,
Found close to,
torque restrict,
pace limit,
Monitoring get there torque command
The encoder comments 2500p/r,fifteen line increment design, differential output
Conversation manner RS-232 OR RS-485
Exhibit and operation 1.five LED screen 2.4 buttons
Braking way By way of the interior/exterior braking resistance braking power
Cooling way Air cooled (warmth transfer film, the robust chilly wind fan)
Energy assortment ≤7.5KW

AC Servo CZPT Software

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A2: For massive get,we use T/T, 30% in CZPT , balance compensated just before cargo.


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A: FOB ZheJiang ,HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou. Or CIF/FCA/DDP


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A: We can supply the sample if we have ready components in stock,sample is free of charge of charge, but CZPT ers have to pay out the freight value.


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A2: We respect each CZPT er as CZPT friend and we sincerely do company and make friends with them, no matter where they come from.

Our Service
1.1 year guarantee for most of CZPT goods
two.We will prepare delivery of the products on time:
3.Inside the warranty period, we will bear all the qulity dilemma of CZPT produts
four.Beyond the warranty time period, we will despatch the substitute parts to support repair the products
5.Without any difficulty, we will gain the feedbacks of CZPT products to support improve much better products.

Induction motors, also known as asynchronous motors, use the electromagnetic induction produced by the magnetic discipline of the stator to generate present in the rotor, therefore producing torque. These motors do not operate at a pace in sync with the present, hence the name. They use the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction to change electrical strength into mechanical vitality. Induction motor rotors are the most typical kind of AC motor located in pumps, compressors, and other machines of all kinds.
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